G Series


The G Series is a classic collection of large knives for general preparation and also for the more adventurous chef.

This range includes the best selling knife - the G-2 20cm Cooks knife, as well as other 'must-haves' like the Bread knife and 16cm Boning knife.


Slicer 21cm G-1

Now Only: 99.95

Cooks Knife 20 cm G-2

Now Only: 99.95

Carving Knife 21 cm G-3

Now Only: 99.95


Vegetable Knife G-5

Now Only: 99.95

Deba Knife 18 cm G-7

Now Only: 109.95

Roast Slicer 22 cm G-8

Now Only: 99.95

Bread Knife 22 cm G-9

Now Only: 99.95


YANAGI Sashimi G-11

Now Only: 139.95

Meat Chopper 440gr G-12

Now Only: 159.95

Filleting Knife G-20

Now Only: 99.95


Boning Knife 16 cm G-21

Now Only: 99.95

Sharpener G-38

Now Only: 169.95

Sharpener G-39

Now Only: 179.95


Santoku Knife Fluted G-48

Now Only: 104.95



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